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It’s our passion to get you excited about discovering San Juan.

We tell the untold stories of Puerto Rico through food with old and new friends.

Our Story

Hello! I’m Thao and I own San Juan Dumplings Food Tour. I have a background in working at restaurants since I was 13. I served tables for 11 years and my mom was a cook for 20 plus years so the love of food is in my blood. My favorite thing to do is to travel and experience great food! Some of my favorite culinary traveling experiences range from eating spicy snails in the streets of Vietnam to so many moles and corn tortillas in Oaxaca. A lot of my most cherished moments were among sharing food with friends, family, and sometimes strangers. Every country I visit, I tried to take a food tour. I took a biking food tour through central London. That was crazy since I didn’t know how to ride a bike and we biked for 45 minutes through heavy traffic. The least memorable food tour was a cannabis food tour in Amsterdam. I couldn’t remember much of it and forgot to take pictures or buy a souvenir. My most authentic food experience was a food tour in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rico. The oh-so cool guide took us to his friend’s house and his friend made us a local fish coconut soup with a fish he caught that morning. I went on these tours and I meet these characters that were so unforgettable and impactful to how I saw the world. Sometimes I wonder who would I be if I never step foot out of my hometown?

That’s why I am so excited to offer services like this, to the world. Puerto Rico is a beautiful island with unbelievable nature excursions and vibrant night life but it’s not known to be food centric. You can expect to have a fun, off-the-beaten-path adventure, and immersive experience with one of our tours. Most tourists don’t have enough time to explore all the food scene so participating in one of our tours create a domino effect on the local economy. It is a great way to support local businesses and help local guides, waitresses, and small business owners. Unlike city tours, your tour guides are not just a tourist brochure. They want to get to know you and see how they can give you the best personalized recommendations to thoroughly enjoy this beautiful island. My main mission is to connect like-minded people to these cool establishments in Puerto Rico. We celebrate food, life, and fun with old and new friends.


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