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Dec 11 - Dec 17














Who Are We

Social Drinking & Appetizers Tour


$180 USD

Duration: 3 Hours (approx)

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tour Name: San Juan Dumplings Food Tour

This tour is inspired by the Asian drinking culture, where food is a huge deal. Asian people eat very well and when it comes to drinking, they drink a lot too. A great dinner is not complete unless it transforms into a fun, boisterous drinking party! Drinking is an important part of Asian culture, but it is not the freestyle drinking of the West. Rather, Asian drinking culture is much more ritualized, controlled, and purposeful.

We aim to create the same experience for visitors or locals of San Juan. We will take a walk through Condado to La Placita to enjoy appetizers with accompanying alcohol. As a fun group building exercise, we always start every tour with a round of sake bombs. Enjoy sample tastings from softshell crabs to fresh sashimi. It’s tradition to take a sip of your drink whenever anyone cheers so everyone is on the same frequency. If you’re worry about over-indulging on alcohol, there will be no peer pressure so you can drink as little you want. Plus, munching on appetizers while you drink is ideal to prevent drunkenness. You will find that our drinking culture is quite enjoyable and quickly form bonds that can last a lifetime. Perfect for a group gathering or date night.


What’s Included:

  • Walking tour from Condado to La Placita

  • Sample a variety of appetizers and alcohol at different restaurants

  • Explore different cuisines from China, Japan, and Korea for a fun tasting experience

  • A unique perspective on discovering Puerto Rico

  • A safe environment to enjoy one too many drinks with friends

  • 4 stops, 4 drinks, 7 appetizer samplings

  • NO Hotel Pickup & Drop Off

Tour Details:

  • Start Time: 4PM-7PM

  • Tour Available: Daily

  • Duration: 3 Hours

  • Walking Distance: 1.7 km or 20 mins walking

  • Cost: $180 USD

  • Maximum Group Size: 10

  • Meeting Point: In front “Condado Vanderbilt Hotel” in Condado

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