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Puerto Rico Travel Guide for Food Lovers

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

In this Puerto Rico travel guide for food lovers, you’ll discover travel tips on what to do, how to get around, and most importantly, some incredibly delicious food you don’t want to miss in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Old San Juan El Yunque Culebrita Beach Santurce

From traditional Puerto Rican food to farm-to-table fine dining, Puerto Rico is unexpectedly filled with hidden gems for food lovers.

This is a comprehensive, Free Travel Guide for Food Lovers, so it's a bit extensive but you can read the shorter version, TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN PUERTO RICO IN 2022.

And one more thing, many of the restaurants and attractions listed in this guide are plotted on my map of Puerto Rico.

Let’s get started with this Puerto Rico food and travel guide!


Arriving and Leaving


Puerto Rico Food

Restaurants in San Juan

Bars in San Juan

Restaurants on Culebra Island

Restaurants on Vieques Island

Things To Do

Puerto Rico FREE Travel Guide for Food Lovers Kaiju Japanese Old Fashioned Smoked Cherrywood Cocktail Ponce De Leon Miramar La Casita Blanca Puerto Rican Cuisine Fried Fish Rice & Beans Fried Plantains Vianda Farm to table fine dining dining area and bar Marmalade fine dining old san juan 5 plates tasting menu

Arriving and Leaving

If you fly into Puerto Rico, you will likely land at the main international airport, which is officially known as Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport or also known as San Juan Airport (SJU).

There are direct flights from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Hartford, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Newark, New York (JFK), Boston, Chicago (ORD), Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Raleigh-Durham, Pittsburgh, Austin, Buffalo, and St. Louis. to San Juan is usually between three to four hours.

The San Juan airport is located about 13 kilometers or a 15-minutes ride from Old San Juan.

Getting From the Airport to the City

It all depends on what location you are staying in and how much baggage you have which should determine how you get from the airport to your destination. Here are your main options:

Private Taxi Taxis are my favorite and most convenient option to leave the airport. You will find them outside with a sign or just asking if you need a Taxi. Contrary to popular belief, private taxis in Puerto Rico are not the most expensive. While you wait for your luggage at baggage claim, look up and note how much Uber would cost to get to your destination, then approach a taxi driver and ask them how much they would charge to get to your destination. If it is lower than Uber pricing, then the taxi driver will walk you upstairs where the taxi's car is usually parked. If they ask you how much Uber costs, tell them $10 dollars lower than what it really is. I always have a pleasant experience with private taxis at SJU airport. Also, ask for their number in case you need a ride to the airport. Uber to get to Cupey from SJU is about $50-$55 but the taxi always charges me $35-$45.

Rental Car If you are looking to travel the Island in your own vehicle or venture beyond the immediate area of San Juan, there are many car rental companies conveniently located at SJU airport. Please note that Puerto Rico’s streets have many potholes. Locals do tend to drive far more recklessly than most of their compatriots on the U.S. mainland: speeding, jumping lanes, pulling out without warning, and thrashing along the shoulder are all normal practices.

Ridesharing If driving is not for you and you are planning to stay in closer proximity to San Juan, ridesharing is your best option. However, please note that ridesharing is only common in the districts near San Juan. There is a designated rideshare area located about a 5-minutes walk from the departure area of the airport. It is cheaper to Uber to SJU airport than to catch a ride from there.

Puerto Rico Visa

United States citizens and permanent residents don't need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, the Real ID Act will be in effect as of May 2023, so verify if your state is compliant with these laws because otherwise, you may need a passport to travel. Travelers from other countries visiting Puerto Rico have the same visa and passport requirements that would apply if visiting the mainland United States.


Puerto Rico is a popular Caribbean tourist destination and there is a full range of accommodation you can choose from – all the way from budget-friendly hostels and apartment rentals to five-star boutique hotels.

In this section of our Puerto Rico travel guide for food lovers, I have arranged it by popular types of accommodation and areas of town (because the location is one of the most crucial factors in choosing a place to stay). And with each type, I have shared a few hotels and places you should consider.

Airbnbs An excellent alternative for those who appreciate having more privacy and personal space, as well as conveniences like a fully equipped kitchen. There are many Airbnb in Santurce (not near a beach) and Ocean Park (5-mins walk to the beach). The best and usually the most expensive area for Airbnb is in Old San Juan. Typically, they are loft-style apartments that are packed with natural light. You can walk out your door and just start exploring one of the most beautiful neighborhoods. Rentals PR came highly recommended and