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Visit Puerto Rico – Favorite Excursions for Tourists

When you book your holiday to Puerto Rico, you can expect to see some of the most historically intriguing, culturally diverse, and naturally stunning places in this part of the world. While many visitors consider the island distinctly Hispanic or Caribbean, you may be surprised at the diverse populace. The must-see sites, art and culture, and especially the food may surprise you with its diversity. Food tours like the San Juan Dumpling experience gives you the perfect taste of this multi-cultural destination.

Puerto Rico Offers Many Great Sites

Many people base their adventure in Puerto Rico in San Juan. From the turquoise ocean waters and golden beaches of Condado to the unique art murals in La Placita, you can find something new to enjoy around every turn. Old Spanish ruins and familiar American restaurants offer you plenty of unique options. You might be surprised to learn about the large community of Chinese immigrants who arrived on these shores in the mid-1800s. Take time for a San Juan dumpling tour the as you learn more about the diverse culture in the area.

If history is your main interest, the El Morrow Fort is worth a visit. This fortification built in 1539 offers you a unique glimpse back in time to the days of Spanish conquistadors. The nearby UNESCO world heritage Castillo de San Cristobal is worth a visit, too.

For those who want to explore the natural world on their vacation, you should not pass up a journey to the El Yunque National Forest. This is the only tropical rain forest in the national US system. Hit the beaches at the Culebra island filled with waving palm trees and lush green hills to explore on your next hike. Of course, snorkeling and water sports are also popular in Puerto Rico.

Explore the Amazing Food of Puerto Rico

Nothing lets you seek into the cultural heritage of Puerto Rico better than sampling many different types of foods. A traditional Spanish meal of roasted pork, pigeon peas, and green plantains shows you one side of this islands heritage. Do not forget fresh mango, passionfruit, and papayas or one of the delicious frozen beverages made from these and other fruits. Some restaurants will even serve a compote a top coconut milk custard.

Your visit to this diverse destination would not be complete without exploring the unique blend of cultures found here. Nothing lets you do this better than a San Juan dumpling food tour that combines a variety of different taste sensations from various restaurants in the area, talks about how Chinese immigrants influenced the growth of Puerto Rico, and plenty of time to explore the local shops and points of interest. This is a unique experience you simply cannot find anywhere else on Earth.

Amid all the outstanding sites of historical and cultural interest in the Puerto Rico, it is important to remember the multicultural aspect of life there. Expand your horizons and eat delicious meals from different parts of the world brought together in a unique combination that you will never forget. Puerto Rico offers more than you think.

San Juan Dumplings Food Tour

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